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You deserve an incredible life.

It is not a secret that health and wellness are at the heart of creating a rich and fulfilling life. Smart people know that very few ever get there on their own.

Carena Lowenthal has the processes, programs, and motivation to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.



Imagine a life where the lights are brighter, the food tastes better, your passion is strong, and your focus is razor sharp.
Imagine a life where restful sleep is the norm and you can make it through the day without the need for caustic energy drinks.

As a Health and Wellness coach and Registered Dietitian, Carena provides people with tools based on their current strengths to learn how to gain control over their health, feel better in their bodies, and prevent the health risks associated with not taking care of oneself. 


Carena provides a structured and supportive environment to help people:

  • Identify their goals

  • Determine what actions they want to take

  • Discover what obstacles may be holding them back


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Carena is working towards an ICF certificate for Health and Wellness Coaching through Mentor Coach.

Special rates are available.

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